Experience new heights in small vehicle audio

You’ve never heard anything like this in a small car. In fact, we’ve never heard anything like this. Bose engineers found ways to surpass everyone’s expectations with the quality of sound they produced.

UltraNearfield Speakers

Two compact UltraNearfield speakers in the headrest wrap you in 360 degrees of amazing, lifelike sound.

PersonalSpace Virtual Audio Technology

With PersonalSpace Virtual Audio Technology, you experience a wider, more immersive sound. You’ll swear the music is coming from everywhere.

PersonalSpace Control

Dial in the way you want to hear your music: with PersonalSpace Control. Select a front-focussed stereo soundstage, a fully immersive experience – or anything in between.

Super65 Speakers

Delivering deep bass in a city car can be a challenge. Super65 woofers, placed in the front doors, are designed to help you feel every beat – without requiring bulky subwoofers.

Driven by the power of sound

What does Bose Small Vehicle Series feel like? Discover how it will ignite all your senses.

The tech behind the scenes 

See what makes our amazing Bose Personal audio system possible.