The one rule we followed to get better sound in a small car?

Break all the rules.

The conventional approach to building a top-quality automotive sound system requires many speakers, driven by a bulky amplifier. But with the space limitations of small vehicles, conventional thinking had to go right out of the window.

Every bit of space matters. So Bose engineers first had to break the rules, then invent new ones. We pushed the boundaries of what’s possible – and practical – for small vehicle audio.

Big discoveries in small vehicle audio

So how did we manage to pack so much brilliant sound into a compact car? We started with UltraNearfield speakers cleverly placed in the headrest. Then we added PersonalSpace virtual audio technology to wrap you in 360 degrees of sound.

To deliver deep bass notes, we developed the new Super65 woofer for the front doors. These powerful speakers – mounted in familiar door locations – pack a lot of punch without needing an expensive, bulky subwoofer.

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